Pressure Relief Valve ICTV-SRV5-F3

ARITA Ductile Iron Valve Pressure Safety Relief Valve, PN16

Model : ICTV-SRVS-F3

Features :

  • ARITA Pressure Relief Valve consists of the main valve and outside installed control pilot valve, mainly installed in the bypass of the protected water supply system in the building,
    guarantee the pressure of the main valve upstream water supply zone, when the pressure in the water supply pipe exceeds the pressure set by the pressure releasing valve, the pressure
    releasing valve is switched on to prevent pipeline and equipment from damage by pressure exceeding. This valve is mainly used in pressure releasing of the fire test circulation system
    in high-rise buildings, is the upgrade replacement product of the spring safety valve.
  • Simple, reliable and easy to mount and maintain
  • Reasonable use of the hydraulic principle to control
  • Valve clack quick opening and slow closure, No water hammer impacting.
  • Stable operation, no noise

Materials :

No. Parts Material
1 Ball valve Brass
2 Ball valve Brass
3 Needle valve Brass
4 Plug Stainless steel
5 Bonnet Ductile iron
6 Spring Stainless steel
7 Nut Stainless steel
8 Plate Ductile iron
9 Diaphragm Rubber
10 Trim Ductile iron
11 Gasket Rubber
12 Seat Iron/Brass
13 Stem Stainless steel
14 Body Ductile iron