Pressure Reducing Valve ICTV-PRV2-F2ICTV-PRV2-F3


  • Hydraulically operated, accurate and repeatable pressure control.
  • Adjust and control the main valve outlet pressure, which will not be changed along
    with the inlet pressure as well as the variation of the main valve outlet flow.
  • Simple, reliable and easy to mount and maintain.
  • Easy maintenance without removal from the main line.
  • Pressure reducing pilot features easy operation and accurate pressure control.
  • Full passage streamline design, of a small fluid resistance and a heavy flow. can reduce either dynamic or static pressure
  • All iron components are fusion epoxy bonded for corrosion resistance.

Materials :

No. Parts Material
1 Ball Valve Brass
2 Ball Valve Brass
3 Needle Valve Brass
4 Plug Stainless steel
5 Bonnet Ductile iron
6 Spring Stainless steel
7 Nut Stainless steel
8 Plate Ductile iron
9 Diaphragm Rubber
10 Trim Ductile iron
11 Gasket Rubber
12 Seat Iron/Brass
13 Stem Stainless steel
14 Body Ductile iron


Dimension —Waiting for update—

Size 2″ to 24″