Air Vent Valve IAV-S200

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Specification Standards :

Pipe Threaded end in accordance with BSPT or NPT

Features :

  • Simple float operated valve that allows  bleeding of air from piping systems without allowing water (liquid) to escape.
  • When the valve chamber is empty the float remains in the lower position. In this position the valve is open & thus allows air to escape. As water enters
    the chamber  it lifts the float. Finally when chamber is full of water the float is in upper position and the valve is closed thus preventing water from leaking out.
  • The float is made from stainless steel for longer service life.
  • The rubber seat offers good sealing to prevent leakage.

Application :

  • For general and industrial services
  • Applicable medium : water, oil, gas & steam
    No. Part Material
    1 Body FC 200
    2 Float SUS 304
    3 Needle Brass / SUS304
    4 O-ring NBR
    5 Bracket pin Brass
    6 Needle pin Brass
    7 Nipple FC 200
    8 Cap Mild Steel
    9 Bolt Mild Steel
    10 Bracket SUS304
    11 Jam nut Brass
    Test Requirement
    Working Pressure 150 PSI (10 Bar)
    Maximum Pressure 200PSI (14 Bar)
    Shell Test Pressure 300 PSI (21 Bar)
    Applicable Temperature <100 °C